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1. Which organelles are most closely associated
8. The ribosome is an organelle that functions in the
with the process of aerobic respiration?
process of
(1) ribosomes
(3) nucleoli
(1) phagocytosis
(3) protein synthesis
(2) mitochondria
(4) vacuoles
(2) pinocytosis
(4) cellular respiration
2. Centrioles are normally present in the
9. Which statement best describes the plasma
(1) cytoplasm of onion cells
membrane of a living plant cell?
(2) cytoplasm of cheek cells
(1) It selectively regulates the passage of
(3) nuclei of liver cells
substances into and out of the cell.
(4) nuclei of bean cells
(2) It is composed of proteins and carbohydrates
3. The ribosomes of plant cells are sites for the
(3) It has the same permeability to all substances
synthesis of
found inside or outside the cell.
(1) ATP
(3) nucleic acids
(4) It is a double protein layer with floating lipid
(2) sugars
(4) enzymes
4. Which organelle contains hereditary factors and
10. Which structures are found in every living cell?
controls most cell activities?
(1) a plasma membrane and cytoplasm
(1) nucleus
(2) chloroplasts and mitochondria
(2) cell membrane
(3) a cell wall and nucleus
(3) vacuole
(4) centrioles and chromosomes
(4) endoplasmic reticulum
11. Which cellular organelle is represented by
5. Centrioles are cell structures involved primarily
diagram below?
(1) cell division
(3) enzyme production
(2) storage of fats
(4) cellular respiration
6. Most cellular respiration in plants takes place in
organelles known as
(1) chloroplasts
(3) ribosomes
(2) stomates
(4) mitochondria
7. Which structures in the diagram below enable
the observer to identify it as a plant cell?
(1) protein
(3) plasma
(2) molecules
(4) cell wall
(1) A and B
(3) A and C
(2) B and C
(4) B and D for more review
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12. In the diagram of a cell below, the structure
18. The micrograph below shows part of a cell
labeled X enables the cell to
containing a portion of a chloroplast.
(1) release energy
(2) store waste products
(3) control nuclear division
(4) manufacture proteins
13. Most of the reactions of aerobic cellular
respiration occur within the organelle known as
(1) lysosome
(3) mitochondrion
(2) nucleus
(4) vacuole
The highest concentration of chlorophyll exists
in the region indicated by letter
14. Which organelles are usually found in both plant
(1) A
(3) C
and animal cells?
(2) B
(4) D
(1) cell walls
(3) mitochondria
(2) centrioles
(4) chloroplasts
19. Which organelles' activity contributes most
directly to muscle contraction in an earthworm?
15. Which cytoplasmic organelles contain hereditary
(1) vacuoles
(3) mitochondria
material and can undergo replication?
(2) chloroplasts
(4) ribosomes
(1) chloroplasts and cell walls
(2) cell membranes and ribosomes
20. Which metabolic process is most closely
(3) endoplasmic reticula and food vacuoles
associated with the organelle represented in the
(4) mitochondria and chloroplasts
diagram below?
16. Which organelles' activity contributes most
directly to muscle contraction in an earthworm?
(1) Golgi bodies
(3) mitochondria
(2) chloroplasts
(4) lysosomes
17. Which structures are used by a paramecium for
maintaining water balance?
(1) contractile vacuoles (3) pseudopodia
(2) food vacuoles
(4) cilia
(1) intracellular digestion (3) synthesis of
(2) aerobic respiration (4) hydrolysis of
lipids for more review
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