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1.The basic unit of the DNA molecule is
(1) a nucleotide
(2) an amino acid
(3) a phosphate group
(4) a nitrogen base
2.The coded information of a DNA molecule is determined by the
(1) sequence of amino acids
(3) sequence of the nitrogenous bases
(2) number of ribose units
(4) sequence of the sugar-phosphate units
3.Which is the sugar component of a DNA nucleotide?
(1) adenine
(2) deoxyribose
(3) glucose
(4) phosphate
4.Which substances are components of a DNA nucleotide?
(1) phosphate, deoxyribose, and uracil
(3) thymine, deoxyribose, and phosphate
(2) phosphate, ribose, and adenine
(4) ribose, phosphate, and uracil
5.Which is the correct identification of the parts of the DNA nucleotide in the diagram below?
(1) A = uracil, B = deoxyribose, C = thymine
(3) A = thymine, B = ribose, C = uracil
(2) A = phosphate, B = ribose, C = uracil
(4) A = phosphate, B = deoxyribose, C = thymine
In the diagram of a polymer above, the repeating subunits are known as
(1) amino acids
(2) polysaccharides
(3) nucleotides
(4) fatty acids
7.Which pair of molecules, when bonded together, would most likely be found in a nucleotide of DNA?
(1) ribose and adenine
(3) deoxyribose and guanine
(2) ribose and thymine
(4) deoxyribose and uracil
8.In nucleotides, the letters A , G , C , and T represent
(1) phosphate groups
(2) deoxyribose sugars
(3) nitrogenous bases
(4) ribose sugars for more review
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9.Which diagram best represents a basic structural unit of DNA?
P = Phosphate
D = Deoxyribose sugar
R = Ribose sugar
U= Uracil
A= Adenine
10.The parts of a DNA nucleotide are indicated in the chart below by letters A , B , and C , An X indicates which
chemical elements are present in each part.
Which diagram best represents a DNA nucleotide.
11.When bonded together chemically, deoxyribose, phosphate, and an adenine molecule make up
(1) a DNA nucleotide
(2) an RNA nucleotide
(3) a DNA molecule
(4) an RNA molecule
12.In addition to a phosphate group, a DNA nucleotide could contain
(1) thymine and deoxyribose
(3) thymine and ribose
(2) uracil and deoxyribose
(4) uracil and ribose
13.Which molecule is correctly paired with its building blocks?
(1) cellulose – polypeptides
(3) protein – monosaccharides
(2) DNA – nucleotides
(4) fat – disaccharides
14.The specificity of genetic material is the result of the
(1) type of sugar present in DNA
(3) order of the nitrogen bases in DNA
(2) type of phosphate found in a cell
(4) order of the amino acids in a protein
15.During the replication of a DNA molecule, separation or "unzipping" of the DNA molecule will normally occur
when hydrogen bonds are broken between
(1) thymine and thymine (2) guanine and uracil
(3) adenine and cytosine
(4) cytosine and guanine for more review
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