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1.In which stage of the human menstrual cycle is the lining of the uterus shed?
(1) Ovulation
(2) Follicle stage
(3) Menstruation
(4) Corpus luteum stage
2.Which is the correct sequence of stages in a normal menstrual cycle?
(1) corpus luteum stage menstruation ovulation follicle stage
(2) ovulation follicle stage menstruation corpus luteum stage
(3) follicle stage ovulation corpus luteum stage
(4) menstruation corpus luteum stage ovulation follicle stage
3.In humans, the first structure to receive an egg following ovulation is normally the
(1) testis
(2) uterus
(3) vagina
(4) oviduct
4.When human females produce cells by meiosis, cytoplasm is distributed unequally. This unequal division usually
results in the formation of a mature egg cell and
(1) polar bodies
(2) sperm cells
(3) zygotes
(4) buds
5.In the process of oogenesis in humans, a primary sex cell undergoes divisions that normally produce
(1) four monoploid sperm
(3) one monoploid egg and three polar bodies
(2) one monoploid sperm and three diploid eggs
(4) four monoploid eggs
6.The ovary releases an egg in a process known as
(1) fertilization
(2) gestation
(3) ovulation
(4) implantation
7.In order to unite with an egg, a sperm cell must
travel from
(1) ovary to oviduct to uterus
(3) vagina to umbilical cord to oviduct
(2) vagina to uterus to oviduct
(4) ovary to urethra to uterus
8.Which statement best describes normal oogenesis in a human?
(1) Mitotic cell division produces four eggs.
(2) Meiotic cell division produces one egg and three polar bodies.
(3) Mitotic cell division produces one sperm cell and three polar bodies.
(4) Meiotic cell division produces four motile gametes.
9.Thickening and vascularization of the uterine lining in the human female is initiated during which stage of the
menstrual cycle?
(1) corpus luteum
(2) menstruation
(3) follicle
(4) ovulation
10.In the human female reproductive system, the union of sperm and ovum normally takes place within the
(1) ovary
(2) vagina
(3) uterus
(4) oviduct
11.A temporary suspension of the menstrual cycle normally occurs during
(1) menstruation
(2) pregnancy
(3) ovulation
(4) menopause
12.Which two processes are included in the prenatal development of a single human embryo?
(1) gastrulation and differentiation
(3) puberty and gastrulation
(2) menopause and cleavage
(4) menstruation and fertilization for more review
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