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1. Which term refers to all the activities required to
9. Which reactions in the list below are associated
sustain life?
with metabolism?
(1) homeostasis
(3) metabolism
( A ) cellular reactions that release energy
(2) excretion
(4) synthesis
( B ) photosynthetic reactions that store energy
( C ) muscle reactions that use energy
2. Which term refers to all the chemical activities
(1) A and B , only
(3) A and C , only
that occur in an organism?
(2) B and C , only
(4) A , B , and C
(1) synthesis
(3) transport
(2) homeostasis
(4) metabolism
10. Which term is defined as all the chemical
reactions that are required to sustain life?
3. Which process includes the other three?
(1) metabolism
(3) regulation
(1) synthesis
(3) excretion
(2) nutrition
(4) synthesis
(2) metabolism
(4) nutrition
11. Every single-celled organism is able to survive
4. A biologist would most likely study all the
because it carries out
chemical activities of an organism to obtain
(1) metabolic activities (3) heterotrophic
information about the
(1) number of mutations in the organism
(2) autotrophic nutrition (4) sexual
(2) reproductive cycle of the organism
(3) development of the organism
(4) metabolism of the organism
12. In the earthworm, digested proteins are converted
to new proteins by the process of
5. The breathing rate, heart rate, and blood hormone
(1) ingestion
(3) transport
levels of a human would most likely provide
(2) digestion
(4) synthesis
information about human
(1) cellular organization (3) nutrition
13. Small, soluble food molecules are converted to
(2) inheritance
(4) metabolism
larger, insoluble molecules by the process of
(1) hydrolysis
(3) synthesis
6. Which term is used to represent all of the
(2) respiration
(4) fermentation
physiological activities carried on by an
14. Proteins not ingested by humans are found in
(1) regulation
(3) homeostasis
human cells. The presence of these proteins is
(2) metabolism
(4) synthesis
most directly a result of
(1) regulation
(3) respiration
7. Which term includes all the activities required to
(2) synthesis
(4) excretion
keep an organism alive?
(1) growth
(3) metabolism
15. Which activity is an example of the life process
(2) excretion
(4) nutrition
known as synthesis?
(1) An organic compound is broken down and
8. Living organisms can best be distinguished from
energy is released.
nonliving things by determining the presence or
(2) Starch is formed by the chemical bonding
absence of
of glucose molecules.
(1) carbon atoms
(3) metabolic
(3) A large molecule is broken down into smaller
(2) oxygen atoms
(4) chemical reactions
(4) Oxygen moves into a cell through the cell
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