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1. In photosynthesis, chlorophyll functions in
9. Through the use of the isotope oxygen-18,
scientists have demonstrated that the oxygen
(1) glucose molecules to starch
released during photosynthesis comes from
(2) water and carbon dioxide to sugar
(1) both carbon dioxide and water molecules
(3) light energy to chemical bond energy
(2) the splitting of water molecules
(4) hydrogen bonds to water
(3) the breakdown of chlorophyll
(4) PGAL in the dark reaction
2. Over a 24-hour period, which factor would have
the least effect upon the rate of photosynthesis in
10. Hydrogen atoms and carbon dioxide molecules
a geranium plant?
participate in a series of chemical changes that
(1) concentration of carbon dioxide in the air
produce a three-carbon sugar in photosynthesis.
(2) quantity of nitrates in the soil
These chemical changes are part of
(3) wavelengths of light
(1) the photochemical reactions, only
(4) availability of water in the soil
(2) the carbon-fixation reactions, only
(3) both the photochemical and the carbon
3. The basic inorganic materials used during
fixation reactions
photosynthesis are
(4) neither the photochemical nor the carbon
(1) H 2 O AND C 6 H 12 O 6
(3) H 2 O and CO 2
fixation reactions
(2) O 2 and CO 2
(4) C 6 H 12 O 6 and CO 2
11. Photosynthesis transforms molecules of water
4. In the photosynthetic reaction, which event
and carbon dioxide into molecules of
normally occurs before the other three?
(1) carbohydrate and oxygen
(1) oxygen release
(3) PGAL synthesis
(2) carbohydrate and nitrogen
(2) water absorption
(4) glucose formation
(3) polypeptide and oxygen
(4) polypeptide and nitrogen
5. By which process are CO 2 and H 2 O converted to
12. Green plants usually do not excrete large
(1) transpiration
(3) fermentation
amounts of CO 2 because they use CO 2 in the
process of
(2) respiration
(4) photosynthesis
(1) photosynthesis
(3) anaerobic
6. At optimum light intensity, which atmospheric
gas most directly influences the rate of
(2) hydrolysis
(4) transpiration
(1) nitrogen
(3) carbon dioxide
13. The basic raw materials for photosynthesis are
(2) oxygen
(4) hydrogen
(1) water and carbon dioxide
(2) oxygen and water
7. PGAL is synthesized during
(3) sugar and carbon dioxide
(1) Anaerobic respiration
(4) water and oxygen
(2) Aerobic respiration
(3) Photochemical reactions of photosynthesis
14. Which substances must a green plant obtain
from its environment to carry on photosynthesis?
(4) Carbon-fixation reactions of
(1) glucose and water
(2) oxygen and chlorophyll
8. Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere results
(3) carbon dioxide and water
from the process of
(4) carbon dioxide and oxygen
(1) fermentation
(3) regulation
(2) photosynthesis
(4) respiration for more review
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