Biology / Living Environment Regents Test Taking Tips and Strategies

Below are some very helpful tips to consider while you are preparing for your regents exam.


1) Draw diagrams to help you visualize the questions asked - where possible.

2) Read introductory paragraphs and study diagrams before looking at questions. Underline key words. Read all choices before deciding on an answer, sometimes a question has a good and a better answer. Always choose the best answer.

3) If you are not sure of an answer, try to eliminate choices that you think are clearly wrong and narrow down your choices. Then make your most careful guess.

4) Skip over hard questions that are stumping you. Go back to them later. Something else in the test may give you a clue to the harder problems.

5) Don't leave any questions blank. Check your test a second time, but only change an answer if you find an obvious mistake. Your first choice is usually correct.

6) Take your time. You have three hours to do the exam.

7) Have a healthy meal for dinner the night before and a good night sleep is as important as the above items.